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Johannes Mostert - Plan | Contemporary Art
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Johannes Mostert - "Plan"


Acrylic on Board, US$ 84


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Acrylic on Board

W: 350mm x H: 470mm x D: 25mm
W: 14" x H: 19" x D: 1"

Approx. Weight: 0.5kg

This work is unframed


US$ 84


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About "Plan"

This painting is part of a diptych though it stands on its own too..its part of a 'takeoff sequence' it is a spiritual shamanic character who is scanning the lanscape and doing some planning before he takes off in flight! He has a sense of excitement and looks in wonderment at the lanscape that he s about to fly over..he is a man angel, a healer..

Johannes Mostert

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About Johannes

Johannes Mostert

As an artist I am totally in awe of creation thus colour, texture, feel, taste , everything sensual and sensory appeals to me, as I am grateful for its existence. I am a self taught artist who has always painted since childhood, but never studied art formally or even at school. I have always worked in the creative field though,always been surrounded by artists,and have worked over the past 16 years commercially as a scenic artist/muralist/decorator. As I am a budding artist I have mostly sold my art to private clients, and exhibited at some of their homes,but have also hosted an exhibition or two at community halls, guest houses, and so on.
In the recent few years I have been mostly inspired by African warriors;they inspire me as I see in their expression something of happiness, contentment..strength and courage and sometimes spiritual ecstacy and most importantly, a sense of humour; and as I am a healer myself, and actively involved in various healing modalities, they appeal to my sensibilty; especially since they seem to have direct access to that kind of energy, when they are living so close to nature and the elements.
Soon I intend to move beyond the African warriors, even though there are so many to paint that it will take some time(! ) but I intend to delve a litlle more again in lanscape painting, wildlife and still life painting. Whatever part of creation next I become obsessed with, I will be painting..!

Price Range

US$ 64-260



Belvedere house Constantia: African warriors and Bokkies bags 2009
Leybrandt van Niekerk Hall, Table View : Deeply Moved..warriors in motion
Pyramids Motel Kwazulu Natal, African Warriors


BA degree English and Psychology majors

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