Positive Masculinity: Helping Hands Positive Masculinity: Helping Hands Affordable Art 113752
Mark Boshoff - Positive Masculinity: Helping Hands | Contemporary Art Modern Art
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Mark Boshoff - "Positive Masculinity: Helping Hands"

"Positive Masculinity: Helping Hands"

Positive Masculinity: Helping Hands
Oil on Board, US$ 278

Positive Masculinity: Helping Hands

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Oil on Board
Oil on hardboard

W: 605mm x H: 808mm x D: 5mm
W: 24" x H: 32" x D:

Approx. Weight: 1.5kg

This work is unframed


US$ 278


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About "Positive Masculinity: Helping Hands"

As a man, I experience the discourse on toxic masculinity with shame, loathing and embarrassment for myself, men in general and society at large. However, the discussion seems to include all men as a gender and not on a minority or sub-group of lost souls making all those they encounter suffer. There are many good, caring and supportive men but all the images, social media discussions and media focus of toxic masculinity. It is difficult to find the opposite of the term with 'positive masculinity' being the best available. I want my son, myself and young boys to be comfortable with who they are, rather than ashamed of their gender.

The man in the painting, bends down, almost bows down in humility to help someone. It is to me, the epitome of Positive Masculinity. The caring expression, gentle hands ready to lift up and comfort and the powerful physique dominating the frame sums up Positive Masculinity and I am that man.

Mark Boshoff

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About Mark

The play of light and dark on contours of objects, landscapes and figures is a constant source of inspiration.
I seek a narrative in fleeting moments of wonder and convey my thoughts in mark making, glazes and unseen brush strokes.

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US$ 54-694



B. Compt (Hons) CA(SA)

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