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Phemelo Kgatuke - Safarah Sassaou | Traditional Art World Art
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Phemelo Kgatuke - "Safarah Sassaou"

"Safarah Sassaou"

Safarah Sassaou
Oil on Board, US$ 173

Safarah Sassaou

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Oil on Board
Oil on black foam board

W: 594mm x H: 841mm x D: 3mm
W: 23" x H: 33" x D:

Approx. Weight: 0.1kg

This work is unframed


US$ 173


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About "Safarah Sassaou"

My entire life living in these village and I've never seen what stand's before me. They came out of nowhere with their machines and technology...I'm not familiar with that. I see many men and lots of faces I've never seen before.Here they are...talking to the elders of my village. They are preparing for something big but I do not know what. I have a bad feeling about these that I might lose something that I love as they keep pointing where I usually find my peace, where I used to play as a child... i mean my favourite spot in the village. The elders look confused and powerless over the conversation taking place... and I wonder why here? I hear a loud sound coming from the machinery they came with, everyone in the village watches with fear and confusion. What's happening here?

Phemelo Kgatuke

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About Phemelo

Phemelo Kgatuke

Price Range

US$ 56-1,296



Graphic design/Computer Technical support.

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