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Michael Combrink

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"Frightened light"
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Frightened light
US$ 98

"Never-Ending Ocean"
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Never-Ending Ocean
US$ 54

"Mass of Masts"
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Mass of Masts
US$ 54

"Red Rose Escaping Darkness"
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Red Rose Escaping Darkness
US$ 135

"Fire & Ice"
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Fire & Ice
US$ 75

"Deep Purple"
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Deep Purple
US$ 62

"Purple Fantasy"
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Purple Fantasy
US$ 74

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US$ 63

"Unpredictable Splash"
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Unpredictable Splash
US$ 57

"Aged Door"
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Aged Door
US$ 69

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US$ 63

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Michael Combrink

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About Michael

Michael Combrink

I am entirely self-taught in the art of photography. I discovered the beauty of nature through the lens.
My light experiments started with a mistake with exposure when I accidentally hit the shutter, it went off, and caught an amazing display of light. My grandfather - Jan Swanepoel - was my inspiration for taking pictures of miniscule detail undetectable by the naked eye.

I started doing photography at the age of 9, and I know this will be one of my life-long passions. The amazing thing about photography is that it’s a permanent memory of a split second of beauty.

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US$ 54-135


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