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Silva Dunduro

Silva does not currently have any pieces available here - if you are interested in this artist's work please contact us and we will do our best to assist you.

Silva Dunduro

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About Silva

Silva Dunduro

Born February 25, 1964, in Buzi district, southern province of Sofala. Resides in the city of Beira, street: Lourenco Marques, 572, Master's degree in Cultural and Social Projects in history, politics and cultural goods, licensed in geography and formed in graphic arts. Member of the Ncleo de Arte of Maputo.[0xD][0xA]From 2008 to 2009, he worked with the painter Maria Do Karmmo (Brazil), in PALMAR ATELIER, Rio de Janeiro-Brazil. Founding member of the Cultural Association "CASA DO ARTISTA '' in 2004. In 1996 he was elected Cultural personality of the year, the journal initiative [0x1] Di[0xC3A1]rio de Moz\ambique ( local Journal) in Beira.[0xD][0xA]Participated in the project "With the Hands" of Louis Ab[0xC3A9]lard-photographs, attended by 24 Mozambican artists , edited in 2010. Began artistic career as a painter in 1987. He participated in several exhibitions both inside and outside the country.[0xD][0xA]

Price Range

US$ 40-40




2014, Portugal, represented Mozambique in Lisbon International Fair.
2014, Maputo (KULUNGWANA), Collective-Growing Collection.
2013, Maputo (KULUNGWANA), Collectivel-Growing Collection.
2013, Maputo (Núcleo de Arte) 2 Collective.
2012, Maputo and Beira, 4 Collectives.
2011, Maputo and Beira (Moz. Association of Portuguese Cultural Centre and photography), 8th and 9th solo exhibitions.
2008-2009-Beira and Maputo, Collectives in Núcleo de Arte and CCP (Portuguese Cultural Centre.
2007, Maputo, Collective with Luís Cardoso, for the centenary of the city of Beira on MFA (Mozambican Association of photography).
2006, Maputo, 7th solo exhibition at AMF (Mozambican Association of photography).
2005, Beira, in Bangwe Gallery Collective-Beira international airport.
2005, Beira, collective in the Portuguese Cultural Centre.
2004, Beira, in Bangwe Gallery Collective in Beira International Airport).
2003, Tete, in the village of Songo Collective.
2003, Beira, Collective (inauguration of the recreation centre of the BM (Mozambican Banc of Beira).
2003, Maputo, 6th solo exhibition in the Portuguese Cultural Centre individual.
2003, Maputo, Collective of consecrated artists in the National Museum of art.
2002, Beira: 5th solo exhibition allusive to ten years of Peace (Nautical club-Beira).
2001, Maputo, Discovery, as a guest (Centre of Brazilian studies).
2001, Tete, Beira painters Collective in the village of Songo.
2000, Portugal, Collective of twin cities in Coimbra.
2000, Namibia, SADC's collective of painters (Namibia).
2000, Maputo, Collective, allusive to Silver Anniversary of national independence.
1999, Special guest on behalf of visual artists of the central region of Mozambique Presidential delegation to Portugal.
1988, Beira, first solo (exhibition debate- Provincial House of Culture of Sofala.
1988/95, Beira . 7 collective exhibitions.
1990, Maputo, Collective exhibition at (Art Gallery and diffusion).
1990, Beira, international exhibition (African Painting).
1991, Beira, second solo exhibition (Provincial House of culture).
1992, Beira, collective and permanent (Gallery Tchanaze) on Delegation of News, an initiative of the writer and poet Heliodoro Baptista ( late).
1994, Sweden (Göteborg), Collective of painters of Beira.
1995, Maputo, 3rd solo exhibition at (Centre of Brazilian studies.
1995, Chimoio, Collective of Beira and Chimoio painters.
1996, Maputo, African Bank Season.
1997, Sweden (Göteborg) Collective painters of Beira and Bulawayo(Mozambique and Zimbabwe).
1998, Maputo, Collective, 21st birthday of Culture House of Alto-Maé.
1998, Portugal (Coimbra), collective Mozambican painters on the occasion of the week of Mozambique in Portugal.


Social Cience, Graphics and Lecture

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