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John Schaefer

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"Conceptualisation of pedestrians"
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Conceptualisation of pedestrians
US$ 424

"The Carriage"
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The Carriage
US$ 466

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US$ 551

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John Schaefer

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About John

John Schaefer

Born in Berlin Germany on 7 December 1943
Went to military academy at the age of 14 [0x1] 18
Became a Chemical engineer but always had a keen interest in the visual arts.
Graduated at the Fryer University of Berlin in Fine Art Studies.
Left for South Africa and worked as a chemical engineer.
Then moved to South West Africa where he started practicing his art in a full time capacity.
John has been active in the market for thirty years.
He was greatly influenced by a Mexican Artists Gregiera. And have gleaned from the talents of Masters around the world.
John was trained in all mediums and expressions and surfaces.
His preference in style of art is surrealism; cubism; and the conceptualization of subject matters derived from figures; landscapes; objects; street scenes and many other images that has inspired him through his international travels.
Johns broad based talent allows him to satisfy and understand diverse client requirements and has never had a refused commission in 30 years of practice.
He has had commissions to paint old masters from the 16Th to 19th century; backdrops in theatrical productions; Murals and very large works on Canvas; commissions to capture Icons of various cultures such as the Greek; Egyptians; and Concepts of old Bushmen paintings.
Art collectors that have commissioned John have been from Canada; Italy; Germany; USA; and Japan. John has gleaned from these experiences by living in countries abroad to widen his perceptions and develop the depth of Creative skill.
He also has a number of paintings in corporate environments. The nature of the paintings are not pegged to any era and generally gives one the impression of a timeless enjoyment that will be appreciated for many years.
Works are displayed at the New York Stock Exchange; The JP Morgan Bank; in the USA and South Africa.
Johns Exhibitions have been on a private Placement and personal invitation basis. Some of the international exhibitions by Galleries in Milan and Germany were sold out promptly.
If you had to put Johns's art into a category; the closest you will be able to get is a uniqueness in his style of Conceptualization and Abstraction with a very distinct signature that identifies John Schaefer, the Artist with a brand that is intellectual; well planned in its composition; strong in its colors yet flexible enough to be custom created to fit into a milieu that will cause the context and the art to harmonize with the satisfied client.
John works mainly on commission so customers can be assured of an Authentic Original; personalized to the customers specifications yet maintaining his uniqueness as an artist
The consistent demand for Johns art through the 30 years of international exposure; a client base with return orders; referrals; linked with Johns intuitive talent to continue to produce what his market desires ; makes his art a worthy investment that can only appreciate over time.

Price Range

US$ 424-551


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