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Martin Warburg

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"Seweweekspoort  "
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US$ 95

"Swartberg Pass to Prince Albert"
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Swartberg Pass to Prince Albert
US$ 95

"Klein Swartbeg from the Great Karoo"
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Klein Swartbeg from the Great Karoo
US$ 95

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US$ 95

"Seweweekspoort Pass"
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Seweweekspoort Pass
US$ 95

"Cedarberg Track"
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Cedarberg Track
US$ 176

"Betty's Bay Waterfall"
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Betty's Bay Waterfall
US$ 157

"Rooiberg Valley Farm"
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Rooiberg Valley Farm
US$ 323

"Top Deck, Betty's Bay"
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Top Deck, Betty's Bay
US$ 79

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US$ 93

"Marine Drive, Betty's Bay"
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Marine Drive, Betty's Bay
US$ 115

"Hermanus Seafront"
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Hermanus Seafront
US$ 106

"Mist in the Valley"
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Mist in the Valley
US$ 109

"Overberg Stream"
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Overberg Stream
US$ 90

"Headwaters - Breede River"
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Headwaters - Breede River
US$ 102

"Overberg Farm"
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Overberg Farm
US$ 93

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Martin Warburg

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About Martin

Martin Warburg

It is probably because I live in a truly beautiful part of the world that I am conscious of and inspired to portray most places that I visit.

That said, I am relatively new to art. My background is in business over many years, but the mismanagement of our national economy took the fun out of hard work and using initiative. So in order to limit my exposure to government dead-beats, trade union stooges and other bottom feeders, I decided to opt out and explore the right side of my brain.

And that is how I came to paint.

I have had the very good fortune of sound mentoring and generous advice in the development of any skills I have, and am grateful to those who have nudged me along the way; there is nothing that beats advice spoken from experience and talent.

I find painting almost narcotic, because each assignment holds onto you until it is either right or you concede defeat. But even when defeated I find I keep coming back for another fix of acrylic on canvas. And fortunately, defeats are rare enough not to dent my enthusiasm.

Thank you for your visit.

Price Range

US$ 54-323



Betty's Bay Art Venues;
Art in the Park;
Overberg Artistic Concepts Year-End Exhibition


B. Economics and MBA

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