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Raymond Andrews - The Crystal Desert | Landscape Art Art Painting
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Raymond Andrews - "The Crystal Desert"

"The Crystal Desert"

The Crystal Desert
Mixed Media, US$ 4,635

The Crystal Desert

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Mixed Media
Oil and Alkyd painting on incised board

W: 1220mm x H: 810mm x D: 40mm
W: 48" x H: 32" x D: 2"

Approx. Weight: 8kg

This work is unframed


US$ 4,635


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About "The Crystal Desert"

In the Antarctic Sound At the entrance to the Weddel Sea, some of our party were trapped in their 'zodiac' by fast encroaching ice. A 'touch and go' rescue averted a sad ending to this unfortunate saga. It was a frightening experience we will never forget, from our rich experience in the most beautiful ice-desert.

The original paintings on display on this site are mostly sold, and are therefore unavailable.

These works have been on display for a while at one or another gallery, only to be seen ever again by their new owner and friends. I find this rather sad, as most of my paintings have been available to very few, and I would like to make it possible for all art lovers to enjoy them.

I wish to offer you the opportunity to buy a large file-size digital image of any one of these sold paintings. You may then have the image printed at a good print shop on a paper of your choice, and framed to your taste for enjoyment in your home.

The images on display on this web site are too small for satisfactory printing. My digital images are high resolution TIFF format images, ranging in size from about 40MB to 250MBs.
I suggest a maximum print size of A1, (33 inches in the longer dimension) and in the case of smaller works not larger than the original size of the painting, so as to retain the natural appearance of the carved tool marks and brush-strokes.

(Just ignore the 'SOLD' mark, as that refers only to the original artwork) The price indicated below each 'SOLD' artwork is the price of the digital image, which I will send to you on a high quality CD (Verbatim), from which you may have one print made at a good print shop on a paper of your choice, and framed to your taste for your personal enjoyment in your home.

My artist's natural copyright prevails. You may not re-sell the digital image, nor use the image for any commercial purpose. Should you wish to purchase the digital image for any commercial project, contact to negotiate an agreement.

Raymond Andrews

Raymond Andrews

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About Raymond

Raymond Andrews

I was born in East London in 1948. Studied at the East London Technical College under Jack Lugg and later at the Johannesburg Art School. Met Cecil Skates, worked under Ernest Ullmann.
In 1968 I joined Professor Walter Bettis' staff at UNISA Arts department, and in 1973-4 taught woodcut printing and serigraphy at the Pretoria University art department.

I held numerous one-man shows in SA and abroad and my work is included in many national and international collections.

Today I am working almost exclusively on engraved or incised and painted wooden panels. My subject is man and myths and iconic African imagery.
All my artworks are oil paintings on carved and gilded wood panels. All my biographical details and a description of how the panels are made, may be seen on my web site, "Mysterious and Beautiful World"

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and many others.

Price Range

US$ 40-7,726



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