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Roald Arndt - Windsor Castle - Last Sailing | Seascapes Modern Art
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Roald Arndt - "Windsor Castle - Last Sailing"

"Windsor Castle - Last Sailing"

Windsor Castle - Last Sailing
Acrylic on Canvas, US$ 2,513

Windsor Castle - Last Sailing

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Acrylic on Canvas

W: 720mm x H: 480mm x D: 6mm
W: 28" x H: 19" x D:

Approx. Weight: 1.2kg

This work is unframed


US$ 2,513


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About "Windsor Castle - Last Sailing"

This picture shows the "Windsor Castle" the last of the well known mail ships sailing from Cape Town
at about 16h00 on the 6 th September 1977 thereby ending 120 years of continuous service of
the Union Castle Shipping Line between South Africa and England.
Information for this picture was referred from old photographs, post cards and a few paintings done
at various times of the event.
Unfortunately the size of picture accepted does not allow the fine detail of this picture to be appreciated.
All detail including nautical flags, weather conditions ,surrounding tugs, boats and buildings are correct
to the actual day of the event and one can even count the portholes, hull plates and rust stains.
Also note that special care has been taken with depicting the famous mountain as realistically as possible.

Roald Arndt

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About Roald

Roald Arndt

I was quite lucky to grow up in the harbour city of Durban along the sub tropical east coast
of Southern Africa sharing my out of school times between surfing/fishing/sailing the ocean
and enjoying farm life inland where my grandparents lived for many years in the stunningly
beautiful Ongeluks Neck Valley along side the Southern Drakensberg Mountains.
From my earliest memory I have always been charged by the fantastic energy of nature
and the interactions with the living things it drives. From early cave people creating their
art long before they could even talk and the discoverers of the whole planet voyaging
in great sailing ships they built from wood to the amazing space probes of today that
we send out exploring into the unknown black of space.
These are the subjects I humbly attempt to capture whenever I have a chance to make
pictures in the hope of sharing with others the natural elegance these can radiate into
your living spaces. I like to paint in different styles depending on the subjects.
I am a very enthusiastic photographer shooting from the hip most of the time.
Some of my originals are presently available for sale but for all the paintings and photographs
displayed as well as many others I have the rights to offer extremely accurate stabilized Giclée
prints on canvass. What’s great is that these, on request can be printed to ANY reasonable
size to suit your requirements. They can also be rolled up for safe and convenient posting.
I wish to add that I am personally so satisfied with the quality and proved lasting
ability of these that I keep prints of sold works in my own home.
PLEASE NOTE : Pricing of these prints will be given for the sizes stated, but
should you choose any other sizes the cost will be will be in proportion to the relative square area.
The prices of originals, where available will be given separately with the actual size and weights.

Price Range

US$ 61-2,513



KwaZulu Natal Society of Arts – Durban
Pretty Ancient Antiques - Durban
Artspace- Durban
Royal Natal Yacht Club – Durban
Bluff Yacht Club – Durban
Watercolour Society of South Africa
Upper South Coast Art Association
Highway Art Group
Dala Artz Gallery
Several international on-line sites


Engineering design diploma / Art and history of art at DHS

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