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Emil Niksch

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"Thunder in the Karoo"
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Thunder in the Karoo
US$ 5,190

"Karoo Magic"
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Karoo Magic
US$ 2,018

"Kenya Sunset"
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Kenya Sunset
US$ 2,018

"Bee thru the Heads"
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Bee thru the Heads
US$ 294

"Lily Marle"
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Lily Marle
US$ 559

"Mandela - Amaboko 2005 World Cup"
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Mandela - Amaboko 2005 World Cup
US$ 3,172

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US$ 317

"Red Sky"
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Red Sky
US$ 1,442

"Santa se rose"
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Santa se rose
US$ 404

"My Rock Pool in Mossel Bay"
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My Rock Pool in Mossel Bay
US$ 173

"Spoonbill's Party"
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Spoonbill's Party
US$ 634

"Trogir by Night"
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Trogir by Night
US$ 346

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US$ 110

"Desert Climax"
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Desert Climax
US$ 144

"Red Infinity"
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Red Infinity
US$ 1,557

"Xhosa Life"
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Xhosa Life
US$ 99

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Emil Niksch

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About Emil

Emil Niksch

I am 56 years old.I have never studied art or painting. I am a self taught musician, songwriter, photographer and tour guide, having the opportunity to travel, see, observe and remember. Returning from Croatia in 2012 I started drawing and upon inspiration of my wife I painted a windmill and the love affair started. My work flows from my memory onto canvas. My inspiration is creation in all its wonder. My drive force is color and vibrancy.
To paint is a new dimension of expression for which I am truly thankful.

Price Range

US$ 99-5,190



Permanent Home Studio, Knysna



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