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Ann Gadd

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"Give It Horns"
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Give It Horns
US$ 884

"Membaas of the Baa"
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Membaas of the Baa
US$ 177

"Wine for Ewe"
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Wine for Ewe
US$ 442

"The Sigh-chiatrist (psychiatrist)"
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The Sigh-chiatrist (psychiatrist)
US$ 177

"Ewe at Work"
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Ewe at Work
US$ 1,376

"On a Roll"
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On a Roll
US$ 983

"Thinking Out of the Box"
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Thinking Out of the Box
US$ 786

"Thinking Out of the Box"
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Thinking Out of the Box
US$ 688

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US$ 167

"No Good Dog!"
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No Good Dog!
US$ 393

"Nutritional Over Achiever"
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Nutritional Over Achiever
US$ 152 129

"Starting from Scratch"
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Starting from Scratch
US$ 133

"Chasing Tail"
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Chasing Tail
US$ 531

"Web Browser"
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Web Browser
US$ 118

"His Bite Is Worse Than His Bark"
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His Bite Is Worse Than His Bark
US$ 99

"Raising the Baa"
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Raising the Baa
US$ 133

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Ann Gadd

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About Ann

Ann Gadd

The "sheep series" came about as a wry look at the corporate world and the emphasis we place on achievement, which often, in the greater scheme of things becomes fairly meaningless.
In 2006 Ann started her Ewe series of works, which propelled her into local and global recognition. Sheep in their inane conformist lifestyle have much to mirror to us about the human condition.
[0x1]Eat, sleep, shit, toil, die for a purpose that remains beyond their (and our) deeper understanding. Like sheep we seldom stop to question our life, its purpose and the validity of what we do. Struggling to achieve a stable patch for ourselves and yet being ever threatened by the inevitable tumble downhill, in the repetitive conformism of our lives, sheep become icons for our own insanity. From their lofty phallic heights, (to which we in a post paternalistic male dominated society have raised them), sheep set themselves up for an inevitable fall.
Through Ewe, Ann examines the life of you the observer, and hopes, through humour, to get ewe/you the viewer, to question why you do what you do and push you to challenge your beliefs and understanding of reality.

In addition, Ann is a published writer, journalist, teacher and facilitator of Art &workshops targeting corporate, domestic and educational target markets.

"I believe we start by learning to express ourselves creatively in the physical form. If we pursue this passion with courage, diligence and discipline, we come to the realization that we are the canvas: - and as such, are both the creator and the creation. Creativity then becomes who we are, not just what we hang on the wall. - Ann Gadd
Complete CV on request
Galleries: Red the Gallery, Steenberg, Lindy van Niekerk Gallery, VEO, Gallerie de Lyons, The Hout Bay Gallery, Orange Cactus gallery, Four Ways Gallery, Hyde Park gallery, Sandton Gallery, Clarens Gallery, Robertson Gallery, Alice Art Gallery

Price Range

US$ 55-1,474



2013 Belfast Equinox
2011 Glascow Art Fair
2011 Edinburgh Art Fair
2010 Glascow Art Fair
2010 The Brick lane gallery, London
2008 October London Spitalfields
2008 April New Zealand Zohar gallery
2008 Blou Donkie gallery
2007 Florence Biennale
2007 Red the Gallery joint with Anthony Gadd
2007 Orange Cactus joint with Anthony GaddPaintings hang in private collections in USA, Germany, Holland, UK and in the Absolute Hotel in Limerick Ireland.

Winner of SA Association of Artists award for best Acrylic painting
Numerous Group Exhibitions
Vuleka (4 years)
AVA Cape Town 2005 April
Galleries: Waterfront gallery,
Dante Gallery, Somerset West
Robertson Art Gallery
Groote Constantia Gallery
Cape Gallery, Cape Town
Lisa King Gallery
Blou Donkie, Clarens
amongst others


dip. SA Cape tech. Graphic Design

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