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Elaine Marx

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US$ 184

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US$ 184

"Motion 1"
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Motion 1
US$ 93

"Motion 2"
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Motion 2
US$ 93

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US$ 94

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US$ 94

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US$ 79

"Mountain Living"
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Mountain Living
US$ 455

"Hold on to Me"
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Hold on to Me
US$ 131

"I Will Make a Way"
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I Will Make a Way
US$ 455

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US$ 162

"My Dream"
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My Dream
US$ 595

"Sunny Valley"
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Sunny Valley
US$ 177

"Drie Vissers"
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Drie Vissers
US$ 280

"Just the Way You Are"
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Just the Way You Are
US$ 446

"Namakwa Splendour "
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Namakwa Splendour
US$ 228

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Elaine Marx

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About Elaine

I often choose a subject that evokes a feeling of nostalgia or a childhood memory. Interesting people or places are a great inspiration. After visiting a new place in our lovely country or abroad, I usually feel the need to create a new body of work. New subjects are always discovered during my travels.
I usually start out with sketching the composition and then decide on the colour range. I enjoy starting with the darkest tone values first, as I can determine the contrasts that I am aiming for. Although this gives me some kind of idea of where the painting might go, it is never a given and the painting always evolves on its own. There are times when I enjoy using a limited palette and other times I might use brighter or subdued colours. Oils are definitely my preferred medium!
Rembrandt and Monet are my two great influences. I always admire their works, Monet for his loose technique as an impressionist and Rembrandt for his attention to detail.
I feel that each artwork is very personal. Real Art is probably the only remaining thing that is not mass produced. Creating something that has never been created and never will be created again is an awesome feeling. I always hope to get that feeling to my buyers.

Price Range

US$ 79-595



Elaine takes part in several exhibitions each year, with the highlight being the Annual Winter Exhibition at Art Alive Art School in Benoni.


H.E.D. and many years of attendance at private art schools

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