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Leone Tonkinson

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"Tòl tractor"
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Tòl tractor
US$ 429

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US$ 511

"Sunbird in Pansies"
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Sunbird in Pansies
US$ 852

"Still Life with Onions"
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Still Life with Onions
US$ 1,087

"Apples Still Life"
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Apples Still Life
US$ 511

"dutch tea towel on concrete"
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dutch tea towel on concrete
US$ 1,096

"Three Cherries on Lace"
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Three Cherries on Lace
US$ 198

"Bunch of 3 typrs of grapes"
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Bunch of 3 typrs of grapes
US$ 126

"Bowl of Cherries"
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Bowl of Cherries
US$ 658

"Dutch tea towel on wood"
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Dutch tea towel on wood
US$ 1,096

"Rose Black and White"
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Rose Black and White
US$ 198

"Red rose i"
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Red rose i
US$ 198

"Still Life with Oranges"
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Still Life with Oranges
US$ 2,034

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US$ 198

"Portrait in the Wild Hedgehog"
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Portrait in the Wild Hedgehog
US$ 304

"Finch in the Kitchen - Chop Sticks"
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Finch in the Kitchen - Chop Sticks
US$ 429

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Leone Tonkinson

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About Leone

Leone Tonkinson

a b o u t - t h e - A r t i s t
* South African born.
* I started art making at the early age of 6.
* Graduated from Pro Arte in Graphic and Commercial Design.
* went on to pursued a 13 year career in Architecture.
......only to return to art.

* I studied my BA Fine Art.
* Became a full time Artist.
* Specializing in Wild life and Portraiture.
* Established the Port Elizabeth School of fine art.


* For my sabbatical I relocation to the Netherlands became a
* Master Artist in the Fine Art of oil painting techniques,
* Founding Director of the EuropARTexpo
* and established TAM, (TonkinsonARTmasters) my own private Art school.

g r e a t e s t - i n f l u e n c e
I like order and am exceptionally neat, as found in the architectural process.
i have studied European artist, among others: Walter Elst, Rob Mohlmann, Henk Helmantel, the Pre-Raphaelites, Fuz Caforio are some of the profound Artists whom have shaped my approach.
My process of art making develops through curiosity, exploration, discovery and invention. Attention to detail, good craftsmanship and a compilation of eclectic textures are also an essential part of my work.

a r t i s t - c r e d o
i am very passionate about art making, and my inspiration comes from observing light, especially the magic that sunlight adds to life. However I feel that art is not merely an observation of light, but also the active participation in the world around us, as Art making is an endless process of problem solving.

My aim is to capture the essence of my subject matter in such a way, that my work captivates the viewer into participating in my perceptive loop.

Price Range

US$ 126-5,787



L o c a t i o n - p a s t - g r o u p - e x h i b i t i o n s :

South Africa:
Port Elizabeth
Blyth Art Gallery.
Rick Becker Gallery
EPSAC - Eastern Cape Society of Arts and Culture.

Art Partout Deventer, NL, since 2014...
ACEC Apeldoorn, NL
Art Kutnahora The Czech Republic
TAM Gallery Radio Kootwijk, since 2008...
europARTexpo 2009 & 2012, NL
Gebouw A Monumentendag since 2006...

L o c a t i o n - p a s t - s o l o - e x h i b i t i o n s
South Africa:
2005 EPSAC - Eastern Cape Society of Arts and Culture.
2002 Blyth Gallery
2006-2016 Annual "Monumentendag", Radio Kootwijk,
2008 1st Solo in Europe, Hotel Oranjeoord - Hoog Soeren, NL.


fine artist and illustrator

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