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Abe Heuer

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"Perception No. 2"
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Perception No. 2
US$ 627

"Trees on Hills"
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Trees on Hills
US$ 337

"SixTrees Sharing a Space"
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SixTrees Sharing a Space
US$ 337

"Group of Trees in Warm Sun"
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Group of Trees in Warm Sun
US$ 337

"Two Trees on Sunlit Plane"
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Two Trees on Sunlit Plane
US$ 337

"Rhinoceros and Earth No 3"
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Rhinoceros and Earth No 3
US$ 871

"Treescape No. 7"
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Treescape No. 7
US$ 813

"Distant Long Mountain Magaliesburg"
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Distant Long Mountain Magaliesburg
US$ 465

"Misty Morning in Maropeng"
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Misty Morning in Maropeng
US$ 465

"Treescape with Buffalos"
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Treescape with Buffalos
US$ 813

"Spice Grinder Cast Iron Pestle and Mortar"
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Spice Grinder Cast Iron Pestle and Mortar
US$ 267

"Perceptions No. 1"
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Perceptions No. 1
US$ 662

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US$ 558

"Maropeng farm barn"
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Maropeng farm barn
US$ 500

"Quiet Lake"
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Quiet Lake
US$ 465

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US$ 407

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Abe Heuer

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About Abe

Abe Heuer

Born 1956 - Johannesburg. I was always artistic from a very young age. In my teens I did art mostly for myself, my family and friends. I was also interested in design and architecture and finally went on to study Interior Design in 1980/81 & 82.

Even though I did some formal training in fine art while studying I am mostly a self taught artist
which I prefer. I don't like to learn from art teachers as this would affect my own methods of painting etc and helps me to become a more of a unique artist with my own style.

My current work is in acrylics. Acrylics have a fast drying time and I can finish a painting one at a time so that I can capture my thoughts and feelings for that particular subject and art piece. My paintings are not realistic renderings although they appear detailed. They are going towards a more emotive and organic expressiveness and at times semi-abstract especially my landscapes. My paintings have a very textile feel and look to them due to the textural finish of the painting which adds to the organic expressiveness. My subjects vary greatly from Still life to Abstract work.

I greatly admire Jackson Pollock's total freedom of expression and his contribution as an abstract expressionist.

Price Range

US$ 267-1,162



- Artist Under the Sun. - (1981 - 82)
- I worked as a professional in Interior Design as well as Interior/Exterior signage from 1983 until I took early retirement at the end of 2010 so that I can do my fine art on a full time basis. 2011 I was working on my new works for exhibitions.
- ArtiChoke Art Gallery, Magaliesburg. - 2012 - 2013
- Maropeng, Cradle of Humankind. - 2013 & 2014
- Artist Under the Sun. - (2014) (approved exhibitor)
- ISIS Gallery. (2014/2015) (Now closed)
- Alice Art Gallery. (2015)
- Chris Tugwell Gallery, Pretoria.(2015/2016/2017 - )
- State of the Art Gallery on 6th.(2016)


3 yrs Interior Design, early 80's - Wits Tech Dept Art & Design.

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