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Heine de Waal

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"Cheeky Cheetah"
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Cheeky Cheetah
US$ 119

"Snow White's Temptation"
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Snow White's Temptation
US$ 88

"By Appointment, Her Majesty the Queen"
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By Appointment, Her Majesty the Queen
US$ 124

"Copper Kettle with Fruit"
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Copper Kettle with Fruit
US$ 159

"Kintsugi Ceramic Bowl"
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Kintsugi Ceramic Bowl
US$ 161

"Yin Yang Fish"
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Yin Yang Fish
US$ 1,191

"Lavender Fields"
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Lavender Fields
US$ 456

"Joyful and Delicious"
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Joyful and Delicious
US$ 873

"Urushi Rice Bowl"
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Urushi Rice Bowl
US$ 129

"A Pair of Geta"
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A Pair of Geta
US$ 129

"Kyusu Tea Pot"
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Kyusu Tea Pot
US$ 91

"Cherry Blossoms, Kyoto"
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Cherry Blossoms, Kyoto
US$ 903

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US$ 516

"La Belle Rafaela"
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La Belle Rafaela
US$ 278

"EYE am"
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EYE am
US$ 51

"Radiant Buddha"
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Radiant Buddha
US$ 149

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Heine de Waal

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About Heine

Heine de Waal

Heine, a self-taught artist, discovered his latent talent at the age of 46 (2008) while he was "playing" with a minute canvas and some student-acrylic paints. Embracing this wonderful new gift, he promptly moved on to larger and more complexed work. Heine honed his technique and skills when he joined an amateur-artists group in Cape Town, tutored by a professional art teacher. This quickly culminated in the sale of his first painting at his very first group art-exhibition. Since then his work has been selling to overseas and local art collectors.

One additional medium Heine uses to express his creativity, is with the Japanese art of Bonsai. By sculpting these miniatures and at times very old trees, he focuses more on the art of form and perspective to create balance; rather than just concentrating on the horticultural aspect of the trees.

Heine is based in the Jewel of the Overberg, Greyton, where he lives with his partner and their 3 Maine Coon cats. He recently started presenting an art class in Greyton (on request of a few people). Here the group of amateur artists focus on developing drawing skills and acrylic painting techniques.

Price Range

US$ 51-1,191



Medical Technologist

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