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Nombeko Mafenuka

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"The Cat Walk"
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The Cat Walk
US$ 340

"The Smoker"
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The Smoker
US$ 680

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US$ 680

"Patrice Emery Lumumba"
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Patrice Emery Lumumba
US$ 340

"Robert Anthony Plant "
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Robert Anthony Plant
US$ 81

"Nosekeni Mandela"
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Nosekeni Mandela
US$ 340

"The Ballerina"
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The Ballerina
US$ 340

"Gumurrul Geoffrey Yunupingu"
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Gumurrul Geoffrey Yunupingu
US$ 170

"The Show Off"
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The Show Off
US$ 453

"Flower in a Vase"
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Flower in a Vase
US$ 680

"Dumani Mabhele"
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Dumani Mabhele
US$ 6,575

"Cry Beloved Woman"
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Cry Beloved Woman
US$ 340

"The Power of Mother's Love"
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The Power of Mother's Love
US$ 17,003

"Cecilia Makiwane"
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Cecilia Makiwane
US$ 2,834

"Boy In a Gokart"
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Boy In a Gokart
US$ 907

"Glowing Innocence"
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Glowing Innocence
US$ 5,668

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Nombeko Mafenuka

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About Nombeko

Nombeko was born and bred in the former Transkei, Eastern Cape in a small village called Tsomo. She grew up on a farm in the Kei River valley. As a child she never had a chance of owning a book or a pencil. In school she wrote on a slate or on a flat stone if the slate was broken. She used to scribble on stones, gaalboom and aloe plants. Nombeko's art passion started at a very young age when she and her cousins used to draw each other on stones and gaalboom. In her primary and high school she didn't do art as a subject. She did art as a subject when she enrolled for her diploma in Education at the college. Her love for art led her to be a Foundation Phase Art teacher. She started writing books for young kids that were later published by Oxford University Press. Nombeko isn't just an artist, but a creative writer as well each piece of her art comes with a short story. At the college Nombeko won several intercollege art competitions.
It never came to my mind at any stage of my life that one scribble would touch a heart in a way that art does. From the beginning to the end of each piece it does something to me. To me making art is a strongest feeling that I can't explain to anyone. My life as a child hasn't been smooth. Rough texture and visible lines in my work depict the feelings I have about my past. My work is a story of my life and those around me that I use to communicate my feelings, showing inventiveness and self- expression. I use my art to build bridges between myself and the rest of humanity; reuniting and recording fragments of thought, feelings, and memories; and saying things that I can't express in any other way. I have secrets just like any other human being but my art is the revelation of my life.

Price Range

US$ 81-17,003



Nombeko has exhibited her work in Cape Town and Eastern Cape mostly in festivals and shows and in some online galleries.


Diploma in Art Education

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