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Janet Page

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"Pet Portraits"
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Pet Portraits
US$ 164

"Portrait of a Child"
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Portrait of a Child
US$ 155

"Hindu Wedding"
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Hindu Wedding
US$ 242

"The King and His Men"
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The King and His Men
US$ 605

"Fish Eagle with Catfish"
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Fish Eagle with Catfish
US$ 190

"The Umhlanga Lighthouse"
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The Umhlanga Lighthouse
US$ 138

"The Divine Mercy"
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The Divine Mercy
US$ 432

"The Taj Mahal"
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The Taj Mahal
US$ 605

"Fish Eagle Takes Flight"
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Fish Eagle Takes Flight
US$ 173

"Lionesses Preening"
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Lionesses Preening
US$ 389

"Endangered Sealife 4 Paintings Set"
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Endangered Sealife 4 Paintings Set
US$ 81

"Endangered Sealife : Set of 4"
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Endangered Sealife : Set of 4
US$ 75

"Endangered Wildlife 1"
View Large Image

Endangered Wildlife 1
US$ 75

"Endangered Wildlife 2 Set of 4"
View Large Image

Endangered Wildlife 2 Set of 4
US$ 75

"Dunes at Seaview"
View Large Image

Dunes at Seaview
US$ 259

"View at Flatrock"
View Large Image

View at Flatrock
US$ 216 194

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Janet Page

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About Janet

Janet Page

I paint Portraits or any other painting on commission - Oil on Canvas from photographs. I have discovered that my portraits bring healing to those that have lost loved ones and they are affordable as I believe art should be accessible to the man in the street.
I have a passion for the Beauty of God's Creation which evoke emotions in the viewer. I am a Romantic painter and love to create emotion and atmosphere in my work. To me a good painting should touch all our 5 senses.. one should feel the textures, smell the air.. hear the sounds.. see colour, tones of light and dark and taste the atmosphere.

Price Range

US$ 75-1,555



Eastern Province Society of Fine Arts
Howick Arts Society
Fire(d) Exhibition Botha's Hill
Hillcrest Private Hospital Dec 2014


National Diploma in Fine Art - Higher Nat Dip and Dip in Tech

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