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Nora Lemmon

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"Trees With a Hint of Pollock"
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Trees With a Hint of Pollock
US$ 135

"Spring Flowers"
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Spring Flowers
US$ 107

"Waves Of Sunrise"
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Waves Of Sunrise
US$ 337

"Floral Collage Skins 2"
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Floral Collage Skins 2
US$ 152

"Floral Collage Skins 1"
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Floral Collage Skins 1
US$ 152

"Before the Ice"
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Before the Ice
US$ 111 100

"Captive 1"
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Captive 1
US$ 76

"Captive 2"
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Captive 2
US$ 76

"Transkei Mist"
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Transkei Mist
US$ 91

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US$ 70

"Floral 2"
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Floral 2
US$ 74

"Floral 1"
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Floral 1
US$ 74

"Linen and Lace"
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Linen and Lace
US$ 129

"Night Night Teddies"
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Night Night Teddies
US$ 80

"Fish Eagle"
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Fish Eagle
US$ 129

"Kasbah - Morocco"
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Kasbah - Morocco
US$ 144 129

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Nora Lemmon

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About Nora

I have tried many different art forms over the years including pottery, stained-glass, photography and many others. Since retiring from a career as a school librarian I have been privileged to enjoy experimenting with acrylics and various materials and textures and I am always game to try something new or different. My experimenting techniques have lead to some interesting effects but have included the odd disaster that has literally gone up in flames. I have a great love for all of Gods creation but particularly for Africa, its people and wildlife and have tried to interpret this in my personal expression of artwork.

I am a proud wife, mother of 2 & grandmother with 4 delightful grandchildren. I am a Christian, an artist, a seamstress and pattern designer. My hobbies include photography, golf and tennis.

Please note that I have tried to portray the photographs of these painting as close to the original colouring as possible.

Price Range

US$ 47-337


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